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MBS Bookkeeping Services

Accounting Software

MBS Uses QuickBooks accounting software to effectively manage your business financials by accurately organizing and maintaining transactional data.

This enables you to obtain instance reporting of your financials to analyze trends and to track progress.

QuickBooks is available in PC, Mac and Online version. 

Bookkeeping for Your Small Businesses

Spend your time and talent on what you know.
Leave the books to us.

Sue McLaughlinFinancial records are the hardworking backbone of your small business. When accurate and up to date, they can guide decision making, improve cash flow and open the door to new sources of capital.

But when you’re working hard to grow your business and satisfy your customers, it’s easy to put bookkeeping on the back burner. You may not even realize you’ve fallen behind — until you find yourself short on cash, denied credit or owing big at tax time.

If you spend too much time on your books — or not enough — MBS can help. I offer bookkeeping and training services customized to meet the needs of your business and budget. Whether I'm managing your financials directly, overseeing your in-house accounting department or providing hands-on QuickBooks® training, I’ll help you:

  • Create and maintain an accurate, up-to-date record of your transactions
  • Understand your financial picture and forecast
  • Predict and manage cash flow for greater stability
  • Discover opportunities for increased efficiency and profitability
  • Work more effectively with your CPA
  • Spend more time marketing and growing your business

MBS Bookkeeping Services is 100 percent virtual with clients in multiple states.

  • I have invested in smart tools to connect virtually.  
  • State-of-the art software enables me to record our session visually & audibly, to provide you with a record of our conversation.
  • For added security, all sessions are locked 
  • Secure folders are used to share all documents & reports 
  • Using a secure platform, I am able to share QuickBooks Desktop with users who prefer to use Desktop. 



CosmoLex® Legal Accounting

CosmoLex gives small law firms a single application to run the entire practice.

That’s because CosmoLex is practice management plus accounting, billing & payables, document assembly & management, secure email, and more.

CosmoLex does it all with speed, efficiency, accuracy & security to make your small law practice fully competitive with much larger firms.

Together we are watching your bottom line.