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Meet Sue McLaughlin, Founder, McLaughlin Bookkeeping Services and MBS Bookkeeping Seminars;
QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor®

Sue McLaughlinWhat sets MBS apart from other independent bookkeeping services? I like to think it’s my strong personal interest in every client’s success. As your bookkeeper, I want to hand you the keys to the kingdom — the financial know-how to reach your goals.

So when MBS prepares your financial reports, we can talk about what those numbers really mean. What are you spending too much on? Too little? What kind of cash flow can you expect this month? Are your prices covering your costs? What questions should you ask your CPA?

MBS management of your financials allows you to focus on your business goals and make important decisions that impact your bottom line. As we work together, I hope that you’ll grow to regard us as a silent partner in your success.

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About Sue McLaughlin

Sue McLaughlin is the founder and principal of McLaughlin Bookkeeping Services, LLC and MBS Bookkeeping Seminars. Her mission is to offer small-business clients a fair price for bookkeeping services while delivering excellent customer service.

Sue views her services as supporting and complementing the work of a Certified Public Accountant. By focusing on daily transactions and operations, she helps clients maintain complete and accurate financial records their CPAs can rely on for planning and advising. Sue is a founding partner of the Business Resource Exchange™, a collaboration of business leaders who provide guidance and leadership to other businesses through speaking and training.

In 2010, Sue founded MBS Bookkeeping Seminars to meet a critical need — educating business owners about their companies’ financials and showing them how to leverage accounting software to better manage their businesses.

Prior to founding McLaughlin Bookkeeping Services and Seminars, Sue spent eight years working as a business manager for a financial services company near Washington, D.C. In this position, she operated as the primary financial officer and oversaw a $ 2.1 million annual budget. In addition, she was responsible for the human resources department.

Sue’s background also includes experience in government relations, event management and music. For over twenty years, she owned a music studio, where she discovered her passion for teaching and gained valuable instructional experience.

Sue is a counselor with the Alexandria (VA) Small Business Development Center and volunteers for the Small Business Administration (SBA) SCORE program.  Sue formerly taught basic accounting and QuickBooks for six years at the Community Business Partnership & Women’s Business Center in Springfield, VA.

As a classically trained vocalist, Sue has performed on stages around the country and continues to enjoy local musical performances. In her spare time, she pampers her four-pound Chihuahua, Sukoshi, reads extensively and participates in a book club.