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MBS Bookkeeping Services

Periodic Review, Updating and Reconciliation of Your QuickBooks® Accounts

It happens. Life gets hectic personally and professionally, and before you know it, you’ve fallen behind on your bookkeeping. Or maybe your account balances aren’t reconciling with your statements.

Any business that keeps its own books can benefit from periodic review by an independent bookkeeper. MBS checks your QuickBooks to ensure your accounts are properly reconciled. If there are discrepancies, MBS tracks them to the source and corrects them or makes adjusting entries as needed. We also help you avoid common bookkeeping mistakes and pinpoint issues to discuss with your CPA.

Having reconciled and up-to-date financial records at tax time will help your tax preparer compile your return quickly and accurately, which may help you defend against an audit.

A periodic review is also a good idea before you consider any large financial transaction or an application for a business loan or line of credit. Having your books in order may speed up the process and may help you obtain more favorable loan terms.

During a periodic review, MBS can:

  • Review QuickBooks for completeness and accuracy
  • Reconcile QuickBooks accounts with statements
  • Investigate and correct discrepancies
  • Identify common bookkeeping mistakes
  • Raise points to discuss with your CPA

Losing your in-house bookkeeper? MBS offers short-term bookkeeping services.


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